WELCOME TO THE FORUM!! (27 Nov 2017)

Excited to launch the new forum, as the central place for discussions and logging information.

× Welcome to the YCFTF forum!

Tell us and our members who you are, why your here etc.
We welcome all new members.


1 year 6 months ago - 1 year 6 months ago #4 by Simon Wells
Rules was created by Simon Wells
Hey everyone.

Its a forum with open discussions take place, some won't necessarily agree on aspects of builds or others opinions, however, we all do this for fun.

  1. No adverts for none TK based items or tools. We are all here for TK information.
  2. No spamming. No one likes it, it will get you banned.
  3. No harassment or bad language. It is just not necessary and can get you banned.

Plain and simple.
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