WELCOME TO THE FORUM!! (27 Nov 2017)

Excited to launch the new forum, as the central place for discussions and logging information.

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Welcome to YCFTF

1 year 7 months ago - 1 year 7 months ago #1 by Simon Wells
Welcome to YCFTF was created by Simon Wells
Welcome to YCFTF

My name is Simon Wells, creator of YCFTF.
If you are reading this, then welcome!!

I am a 40 something Star Wars fan, who has always been a huge fan of TK's.

After getting the opportunity to wear a friends SDS armour for a photo shoot and a then a kids party, I felt I had to get one.
I have spent months researching, not sure what level to go for, trying to understanding the differences, finding sources, reading up on 501st rules and the like.

November 2017 sees the date when I finally committed myself to the cause and purchased my first, RS Props armour.

As a freelance web developer, I had the urge to build a site to document my journey.
As an engineering manager, I have the skills for document writing and project management coupled with the machine tools to modify and build parts.

Put that altogether with my years of community projects and collaborations, I just had to build a site to share with others.

So here we are!!
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