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Top Tips

1 year 6 months ago #8 by Simon Wells
Top Tips was created by Simon Wells
Here are a collection of tips provided by other costumers and 501st members that may come in handy.

Buy 25mm flat black elastic and a set of 15mm Prym outdoor camping poppers for the main strapping. About 50 are required.

Shoulder straps should be white elastic.

You will need 7x 8mm head, 6mm Shank bifurcated brass rivets.

There's 11 divets on the left forearm, 12 on the right.
The cover strips are 15mm on arms and 20mm on the front of the legs. 25mm on the back.
You'll need Humbrol no 5 admiral grey for the traps and buttons. No 14 French Blue for the cheek stripes and other buttons. Then satin black for outlines and vocoder. Note, I have seen information that the No 14 may have started out a darker blue and faded to what looks like French Blue.
All the thighs on every armour attach to a black leather underbelt. About waist high.

There are 13 rear vent stripes on the left and 12 on the right.
7 vents on the cheek traps
14 to 15 cheek stripes on the left. 12-14 on the right.

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